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Ace In The Hole

Not every game should be played… even if luck is on your side… It’s the old west and the man known only as “Ace” always clears the tables. Until he finally meets his match in an old mining shack in the desert… This short begs the question, “Can a dirty soul ever truly be cleaned?” more…


The Diaries of Eden

A young Samuel Clemens is trying to make his living as a miner in Keeler CA. Always being one step ahead, he slyly convinces the others to do his work for him while he entertains them with his take on the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. His version is more a tale of how two people who don’t necessarily like each other, can grow to respect, need and eventually love each other. His tale soon spreads around the camp and the mine owner’s wife takes a passionate interest in the story… and the story teller. Along the way, young Sam learns the life lessons that will later make him into the roguish, Mark Twain. This hilarious story is full of wit, drama, historical reenactments and sex appeal.  more…


The Starvation Proclamation

In 19th Century America, in the days when reform took a, well, more crude approach to resolve, a passenger train of political elite becomes stranded in the wilds of the Sierra Mountains during a life threatening blizzard. When weeks go by, and hopes of rescue fall despairingly out of reality, the men begin to accept that starvation will be their fate. That is, until a political debate is sparked over an idea that may keep a few of them alive…Bon Apetit! This film is met with humor as well as taste! This film is based on the short story “Cannibalism in the Cars by Mark Twain. A light-hearted and humorous approach to one of Twain’s lesser known jewels. It is chalk full of the wit that is so famously woven throughout all of Twain’s legendary tales.  More….

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