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       Jesse Steele is a versatile and prolific actor. Playing everything from Mark Twain, to Caliban in “The Tempest”, Jesse can bend and stretch his talents like a chameleon. He embodies roles and becomes an entirely different person. But no matter how much this everyman blends into the scenes, one thing is certain. Jesse Steele stands out. 

        On stage Jesse has played some of the most coveted parts of all time (Benedick, Much ado about Nothing, Bottom, Midsomer night’s dream, Orlando, As you Like it, The Baker, Into the woods, Seymour, Little Shop of Horrors, Harry, Mamma Mia,  to name a small few) 

       On screen Jesse has filled the shoes of humorous every men, as well as dashing roguish lovers. He performed with Planet 3 TV out of San Diego, CA and produced wrote and starred in “Get Real w/ Jesse Steele” in Mammoth Lakes, CA  and “The Show” in Santa Barbara, CA. Both, Sketch comedy shows that let Jesse flex his parody skills and sharpen his biting wit and scene stealing screen presence.

       Jesse is a talented singer and voice actor. As a gaze pulling frontman, Jesse has shined with numerous bands, as well as held many of the most difficult singing parts in musical theater history. Jesse has used his vocal talents to perform over 100 radio commercials, as well as currently starring in the award winning podcast, “The Sheridan Tapes” as Lt. Bill Tyler. 

         From the inward intensity of Boo Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird) to the straight everyman of Richard Hannay (The 39 Steps) to the over the top ridiculousness of William Barfay (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) The passionately destroyed lover Dan (Closer) or belting the show stealing  “No More” as The Baker (Into the Woods) Jesse Steele is the actor who can literally do it all. 

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